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Block Clearing Newcastle is an excellent that it provides with good care to your property. One of our specialties is block clearance – the process of removing all trees, stumps, plants from your land, before leveling the ground to make a smooth and flat surface. We take a very non-hassle approach, by building a plan around your individual preferences and requirements. With us by your side, you will be guaranteed that piece of land you want.

When you work in the building and construction industry, moving large amounts of dirt, concrete and other debris from one spot to another is almost a daily task.

Newcastle Block Clearing is a professional and efficient service all over the New South Wales.  Time spent is money spent as well, making efficiency and effectiveness paramount on the worksite. So make that hard work just that much easier with the high-quality earth moving equipment for hire from Innovative Earthmoving. We offer a premium selection of earthmovers and excavators for all kinds of building and construction projects in Melbourne and across Victoria.

We also do services for Stump Grinding Newcastle

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